Introduction to TEE

Learn the basics of Transesophageal Echocardiography

Course overview

The Introduction to TEE and Introduction to TTE courses have been developed for all healthcare professionals starting their journey in clinical echocardiography. They are illustrated using the sophisticated HeartWorks technology and clinical echo images. Originally created for cardiac anesthesiologists, they have been updated and expanded to be relevant for cardiology, critical care and emergency room physicians. Fellows in training and sonographers will also find these courses an excellent place to embark on their echocardiography education.

The Introduction to TEE course comprises 11 modules, each containing multiple lessons and richly illustrated with videos and still images. Module 1 explains the principles and physics of ultrasound, module 2 imaging planes and how images are acquired (with a detailed explanation of probe positioning). In module 3 echo measurement and calculations are clearly explained.

The following 8 modules are designated to specific intracardiac structures of clinical importance. These structure-specific modules are broken down into lessons describing the anatomy, pathological mechanisms and echo evaluation of the valve or chamber concerned. Recommended echo views and reference values for disease grading are covered.

At the end of each module there is a summary and short test.

Course modules

  1. How TEE images are created: the basic physics of ultrasound
  2. TEE probe manipulation and imaging planes
  3. Measurements, calculations and reference values
  4. Mitral valve
  5. Aortic valve
  6. Left ventricle
  7. Right ventricle
  8. Aorta
  9. Tricuspid valve
  10. Pulmonic valve
  11. Other structures of interest

Course authors

Dr. Sue Wright MBBS, FRCA, FFICM, Dr. Andrew Smith MBBS, FRCA, FFICM,
Dr. Bruce Martin MBBS, FRCA FFICM.

Drs Wright, Smith and Martin are all clinically-based consultant cardiac anesthesiologists in the Perioperative Medicine department at Bart’s Heart Centre, St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, England. They have worked alongside Glassworks post-production company to invent and develop HeartWorks, the world’s first commercially available and highly accurate cardiac echo simulator.

Sue, Andy and Bruce are medical graduates from the University of London and have trained in anesthesia and cardiac ultrasound around the world. Between them, they have held multiple lead positions in clinical echo practice, echo education and accreditation. The initial idea for HeartWorks was born out of their experience in running a nationally recognized TEE course based in the operating rooms of The Heart Hospital, University College Hospitals, London.

The 3 doctors each have over 20 years of experience in teaching echocardiography at a national and international level using their HeartWorks simulator. During this time HeartWorks has expanded to include multiple pathologies, Doppler imaging, 3D echo and neonatal TEE/TTE echocardiography.

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